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Ok Reviews 09/24/2013
While the hummus was great, my lemonade was forgotten and not refunded. The pizza is not recommended. Alisha, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 08/18/2013
The delivery driver said he called numerous times due to not being able to find the apartment, but the call never went through. Needless to say the delivery was late. After receiving a call from the restaurant and going out to the street, the delivery driver came out of his car and, extremely annoyed, tried to chew me out. I don't pay people to argue with me when they are late. This is terrible customer service and I am not ordering from this restaurant again. Tell them to train their delivery drivers. Mahmood, ordered 90 times
Bad Reviews 07/31/2013
this is last time i order from this place Dmitriy, ordered 58 times
Bad Reviews 01/21/2013
This place is nasty. Cheese pie tasted like chemicals. Pasta was watery--spit it out. Pita tasted like cardboard. Lentil soup looked like vomit. Beef Kabob was probably good 3 days ago when they made it. Jon, ordered 12 times
Bad Reviews 11/26/2012
took 2 hours to get cold food :/ Tai, ordered 20 times
Bad Reviews 06/16/2012
Rice was cold. Chicken was cold. Salat has one small piece of tomato. Very disappointed. Dmitriy, ordered 58 times
Great Reviews 06/05/2012
Thank you to the owners for calling me personally, and for making an effort to fix the issue. I will gladly return to Pi! Andrew, ordered 165 times
Ok Reviews 06/01/2012
The food is good. However, the delivery times are misleading. I ordered several times and our food was late each time. Therefore, I decided to order at 450pm for a 615 delivery. At 630pm the food did not arrive, and the restaurant did not even call to say they were running late. Finally I contacted the restaurant, and then then driver called at 645 to say he was a few minutes away. That few minutes resulted in a 702pm delivery. The pizza was rock hard and cold, and the salad was warmer than the pizza. So, I ended up having to microwave it. In all, if the restaurant would give a more accurate delivery time, and at least CALL it would make a difference. But, its seems like they dont care about customers when they dont care to call about an extremely late delivery. Andrew, ordered 165 times
Ok Reviews 05/18/2012
disappointed. chicken platter was ok..i ordered potato wedges and got under-cooked/burned french fries. DAYLA, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 03/14/2012
food was better than expected, I loved the garlic sauce!! good portions for the price and the delivery guy was courteous too sarah, ordered 98 times
Great Reviews 03/09/2012
always amazing food!! Mark, ordered 2 times
Bad Reviews 06/03/2011
Had a really bad experience with his place. It took them 1hr and 45 minutes to deliver my food. The food arrived cold and incorrect and they were rude. was AMAZING during this situation and ended up refunding me my entire charge. Todd, ordered 70 times
Bad Reviews 05/25/2010
i did not enjoy the food, neither did my boyfriend. im pretty easy to please when it comes to mediterranean food. i was not pleased. kerrie, ordered 30 times
Great Reviews 04/02/2010
Very good chicken shawarma and hummus. The chef salad is plain fantastic! Michael, ordered 22 times
Great Reviews 04/02/2010
LOVED IT! Great food,fresh and large portions ..Service was great! Definitely a place to relax or even a night out. Lulu, ordered 2 times
Great Reviews 12/04/2009
Good food consistently Sarah, ordered 62 times
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